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Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Test: Ist Ihr Windows ein Original?

Single-File-Version (05.06.1999)

Index-Based-Version (Archive - filtered view)

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Symptom Date Source D/L
enOFF97: EPS File Is Not Printed or Is Printed Incorrectly Under Windows NT16.10.2002Q1002211.112
enXL97: Characters Lost Saving to Excel 5.0/95 File Format26.10.2000Q1011111.543
enINFO: A Discussion of Windows Fonts14.02.2005Q108375.488
enHow to convert a string to a floating-point number in C++09.12.2005Q115586.271
enWindows File I/O vs. C Run-time File I/O30.10.2003Q119884.983
deFunctions 20, 22, and 23 Fail Under Basic Interpreter02.12.2002Q198681.384
enPPT7: Clipart Gallery 2.0a Update for Windows NT Users16.11.2006Q268852.540
enOFFSET Operator Is Segment Relative16.10.2003Q305171.524
enRaw.exe Sends Binary Data to Printer w/Device Driver21.03.2005Q357081.375
enIEEE vs. Microsoft Binary Format; Rounding Issues (Complete)21.11.2006Q358261.255
enINFO: IEEE Floating-Point Representation and MS Languages15.12.2003Q360681.970
enKeeping a Cumulative Total in a Column or Row16.11.2006Q369501.518
enA General Tutorial on the Various Forms of Memory12.05.2003Q372422.741
enHow to initialize large character arrays inVisual C/C++05.07.2005Q387281.348
enHow to Solve Common QuickBasic Communications Port Problems16.08.2005Q393421.402
enError Message Explanations When Using COM1: and COM216.08.2005Q393861.496
enCorrect Testing Precedence of Batch File ERRORLEVELs12.05.2003Q395851.462
enPRB: Initializing Non-Primary Union Element Produces Errors05.07.2005Q399101.320
deSaving Source with Error in SUB Statement Reloads Incorrectly20.10.2003Q413941.136
enWD: Cannot Save File (Save Button Unavailable)21.11.2006Q420591.442
de"Statement Illegal in TYPE Block" Using F7 in QB.EXE Debug23.10.2003Q426681.356
enPrint Command Shaded in Windows Notepad07.07.2005Q442491.318
enHow To Difference Between Arrays and Pointers in C05.07.2005Q444631.336
enPRJ: How to Create an Interactive Filter25.11.2003Q445821.257
deFIX: LINK 5.02 Should Not Be Used with ILINK
enHandling Corrupted Excel Files by Saving in the SYLK Format19.08.2003Q455573.931
enPRJ: Setting Calendar Working Hours for Evening/Night Shift18.01.2007Q456951.379
enComplete Instructions to BLOAD and BSAVE EGA and VGA Screens16.08.2005Q456991.148
enLONG: Memory Management in QuickBasic & Basic Compiler16.08.2005Q458501.237
enDOCFIX: fopen() Will Set errno Values Incorrect in Documentation12.12.2003Q460241.324
enUsing hard disk controller caching with SQL Server07.09.2004Q460912.166
enData Lost When File Saved in .DBF File Format16.11.2006Q462281.401
enMac Form: Versions of HyperCard Required by the Form Designer30.10.2006Q470131.262
enINFO: Initializing Unions Initializes First Member of the Union05.07.2005Q476931.291
enRelationship Between Map File and Physical Memory30.09.2003Q482411.421
enWord Err Msg: Formatting Too Complex21.11.2006Q493091.253
deLinker Err Msg Under OS/2: L1083: Cannot Open Run File30.09.2003Q493221.178
enList of antivirus software vendors29.03.2007Q495006.716
en(Complete) Tutorial to Understand IEEE Floating-Point Errors16.08.2005Qq42980421
enDOC: mktemp() Creates a Maximum of 27 Unique Filenames12.12.2003Q503511.196
en"How to Pass Parameters Between Basic and Assembly" (Part 1/2)16.08.2005Q515011.327
enOrder in Which MS-DOS and Windows Assign Drive Letters20.12.2004Q519783.723
deMac AL GW: Configuring the AppleLink Gateway30.10.2006Q578461.111
enPPT: Setting Default Attributes for Slide Objects16.11.2006Q583231.286
enLONG: Answers to Common Questions About QuickBasic 4.5016.08.2005Q585301.338
enTrouble with Filenames With a Dollar Sign ($) in Inline Files23.10.2003Q594091.377
enPRB: Unable to Set CodeView Breakpoint on Desired Line23.10.2003Q603381.176
enWorks: Copying Formulas in the Database16.11.2006Q606831.393
enHardware and software vendor contact information, L-P23.01.2007Q6078112.509
enHardware and software vendor contact information, Q-Z23.01.2007Q6078211.410
deExcel and Lotus DIF File Differences20.02.2004Q609972.577
enExcel and Lotus DIF File Differences20.02.2004Q609972.577
enPPT: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation16.11.2006Q619161.321
en(Complete) Stub File Description and How They May Enlarge EXE16.08.2005Q624591.224
enDebugging NetWare Printing Problems in Windows07.07.2005Q633571.198
enLAN Man NetBIOS Performance Enhancement to Reserved Bits30.09.2003Q633741.293
enUse Uppercase "K" for Keywords in Windows Help Files05.03.1999Q640501.186
enWD97: Setting the Default Font in Word for Windows14.11.2000Q644231.206
enFIX: Errors F1002, F1901, R6000 Using Large Namelists01.12.2003Q650471.152
enINFO: The Windows Developer's Notes04.08.2004Q652601.274
enHardware and software vendor contact information, A-K10.04.2007Q6541612.087
enPRJ: Recalculation of Resource Hours When Units are Changed25.11.2003Q654331.231
enPrinting Directory Listings from Windows File Manager19.07.2005Q654451.229
deMac Hyp: Preventing Continuous Beep Conflict with HyperCard24.11.1999Q655421.065
dePDS 7.1 Can Now Buffer COM1 or COM2 Input Data During a SHELL08.01.2003Q655481.115
enPC Adm: Changing Network and Postoffice Names30.10.2006Q660071.221
enHelp Compiler Internal Error Possible Causes30.10.2003Q664941.162
enINFO: Using SetDIBitsToDevice() with a Memory Device Context11.02.2005Q665951.233
enINFO: Possible Causes for System Resource Reduction11.02.2005Q666541.235
enThe Four Steps Needed to Make a Hard Disk Usable30.07.2001Q667064.111
enFIX: Error Messages May Say "short" or "int" Instead of "enum"05.07.2005Q667781.174
enUsing CVW on an IBM PS/2 or Other 8514/a System30.09.2003Q669521.200
enBUG: Structure Tags Visible Outside of Function Prototype Scope05.07.2005Q670411.363
enFAT Type and Cluster Size Depends on Logical Drive Size16.11.2006Q673212.349
enINFO: Commonly Asked BCP Utility Questions in SQL14.02.2005Q674091.254
enGraphics as Jumps in Windows Help Files05.03.1999Q678841.141
enMultiple Columns of Text in Windows Help Files05.03.1999Q678951.233
enINFO: Windows 3.x Metafiles Support DeleteObject()11.02.2005Q682961.096
enNo Header or Footer on Even Page27.02.2007Q686181.513
enPrinting to Windows LPT1.OS2 or LPT1.DOS Port07.07.2005Q686521.326
enProcedure for testing named pipes10.01.2006Q689411.426
enFDISK /MBR rewrites the Master Boot Record20.07.2005Q690134.115
enHow To Work Around Floating-Point Accuracy/Comparison Problems16.08.2005Q693331.388
enPRJ: Save As Command Different From other Windows Apps25.11.2003Q695211.177
enDisabling Adobe Type Manager from Windows18.01.2007Q696921.531
enWindows Help (HLP) File Format Is Not Available30.10.2003Q698821.173
enMS-DOS Partitioning Summary20.12.2004Q699124.800
enWD: Word for Windows Startup Switches16.11.2006Q700141.214
enUsing FORMULA.CONVERT() to Change Relative/Absolute References16.11.2006Q700961.370
enWindows Err Msg: Cannot Find KRNLxxx.EXE18.01.2007Q704671.437
enWD97: Formula in Table Produces Error in Word16.11.2006Q709901.239
enWD97: Auto Macros in Word16.11.2006Q709911.333
en"How to Pass Parameters Between Basic and Assembly" (Part 2/2)21.11.2006Q712751.042
enXL97: Run-time Error Using Location Method to Change Chart16.10.2002Q713152.797
enWD97: How to Disable the Fast Saves Option16.11.2006Q719993.420
enINFO: Context-Sensitive Help in a Dialog Box Through F114.02.2005Q722191.131
enWD97: Using AppActivate to Switch to Another Application16.11.2006Q722871.343
enWD: How Word Converts WordPerfect 5.x/6.x Hard and Soft Returns16.11.2006Q722921.306
enFDISK/Status Displays Partition Information20.12.2004Q723581.153
enMath Coprocessor Detection Hangs System in QBasic10.05.2003Q724121.114
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